Cost of Probate in Georgia

Cost of Probate in Georgia - How Much Do Probate Attorneys Charge

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Most attorneys can’t give you an exact price of what probate will cost. 

They just tell you it’s $xxx per hour and they have no idea how long it’ll take

This article will break down the exact costs of probate you’ll pay.

We even built a calculator for our team to price probate that you can use. 

Keep scrolling to get it. 

Probate Cost Calculator

This is the exact calculator we use for our probate proposals. 

No other probate lawyer is this transparent with their pricing. 

See exactly how much probate will cost you.

Probate Cost Calculator
Probate Cost Calculator

Estimated Estate Size: 

  • your estimation of all the assets in the estate
  • this includes real estate, cars, stocks, bonds, etc. 
  • this does not include retirement accounts or life insurance

For example: 

  • House: $500k
  • Car: $50k
  • Stocks: $250k
  • Estimated Estate Value: $800k

Payment Options For Flat Fee Probate

Here are the payment options that we provide. 

NOTE: You can reimburse yourself from the estate at the end of probate for: 

  • Payment Plan option
  • Full Upfront Payment option

These are just example numbers

How this works: 

  • Estate Paid: We pay for all the costs on your behalf. You DO NOT pay anything out of pocket. We take our payment out of the estate at the end of probate. 
  • Payment Plan: You spread the cost of probate over 6 months. This reduces your costs
  • Full, Upfront Payment: You pay the full amount upfront. This maximizes your savings.
Payment OptionTotal FeePayment Details
Estate-Paid$20,000 (2x)The estate covers all costs, with no out-of-pocket expense for you.
Payment Plan$15,000 (1.5x)Spread the cost over 6 monthly payments.
Full Payment Upfront$10,000Pay the entire fee at the beginning of the process.

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Types Of Costs To Expect

Here are the types of costs that can be associated with the probate process

  • Court Fees: Filing fees for the Petition for Probate and other court documents. 
  • Attorney’s Fees: Fees paid to a probate lawyer for handling probate for you.
  • Executor’s Fees: Compensation for the executor or administrator.
  • Bond Fees: Protects the estate against mismanagement. 
  • Appraisal Fees: Determines the fair market value of estate assets.
  • Accounting Fees: Accounting needed to manage the estate’s finances.
  • Miscellaneous Fees: Publishing legal notices, securing death certificates, etc.
  • Taxes: Federal estate taxes if they exceed the federal tax exemption threshold.

Probate Attorney Fees

A probate lawyer in Georgia will either charge you: 

  • Flat Rate Fees: They give you an itemized list of all the costs upfront. 
  • Hourly Rates: They charge you as they work without an upfront commitment on price. 

Our probate firm charges flat rate fees

You’ll get a fully itemized list of all the work upfront. 

This allows you to properly plan your finances. 

And not worry about how much your lawyer will end up charging you. 

Our flat fee rates are:

Estate Value RangeLawyer Fees
Up to $75k$4,000
$75k - $225k$6,500
Over $225k3% of the estate value

Probate lawyers who charge hourly can charge up to $450 per hour. 

These lawyers won’t be able to give you a total price that’s set in stone.

You’ll get the bill for probate at the end

And hopefully, how much you owe is not a surprise.

Who Pays Probate Attorney Fees?

Who pays probate lawyer fees depends on how the attorney sets up your payment plan. 

The options you have are: 

  • The estate pays at the end of probate for the probate lawyer fees when creditors get paid.
  • The executor pays for the attorney fees at the beginning of the probate process. 

Probate Attorney Fees

(We include the filing fees in our flat rate probate fees from the table above.)

Probate court filing fees range from $225 – $265. 

This covers the filing fees for: 

  • the Petition for Probate
  • the will
  • the death certificate

Executor Fees

Executor fees are paid to the executor for managing the estate. 

They have nothing to do with the probate lawyer. 

Executors can charge up to 1.75% of the estate’s value in fees.

Get Help From A Probate Lawyer

Probating a will on your own is normal.

The easy part is filing the will. 

The hard part is: 

  • properly notifying all parties
  • inventorying and appraising the property
  • paying off creditors
  • distributing property
  • keeping accounting
  • closing probate

You shouldn’t have to figure this out while mourning the loss of a loved one. 

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