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Don’t know where to start with the probate process? Our probate lawyers take the burden off your shoulders. You shouldn’t have to deal with probate while you’re mourning the loss of your loved one. We handle the legal details, so you don’t have to. Fill out the form to get a FREE probate consultation today. This jumpstarts your probate process to make it easy on you.

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We Are Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

You shouldn’t even be dealing with all of this nonsense. Good attorneys take care of their clients.

We make sure everything is off your plate so you can deal with one less thing in a tough time.

We take pride in making it easy on you, keeping you updated, being organized, being fast, and not draining your bank account.

Atlanta Georgia Probate Attorneys

Why Choose Us For Probate

  • We handle it all so you can focus on your family
  • Almost a decade of experience, so you know it’s done right
  • Clear explanations, so you aren’t confused by legal processes
  • Flat fee pricing, so you aren’t getting over-billed.
  • We charge the estate, so you don’t personally come out of pocket.
  • Free estate plans, so your new assets are protected. 

The Ultimate Probate Care Package

All Inclusive Probate Law Firm

"We Handle It" Services

We handle every aspect of the probate process from start to finish, including court filings, estate administration, and necessary tax filings. This seamless service ensures no hidden tasks or fees arise unexpectedly.

Flat Rate Pricing For Probate

"No Surprises" Pricing

Benefit from transparent, flat-rate pricing that covers all aspects of the probate process. No hourly billing, no surprises—just one straightforward fee for complete peace of mind.

FREE Estate Planning

As part of our probate services, receive a complimentary, customized estate planning package tailored to your specific needs, including wills, POAs, and advanced directives.

Probate Document Storage

Iron Clad Document Storage

Gain access to secure, lifetime storage of all estate documents. Easily access your documents anytime you need them, secured in our state-of-the-art digital vault.

Family Disputes

We help organize and mediate family meetings to discuss wills and estate plans, aiming to prevent conflicts and ensure smooth inheritance transitions.

"In Your Corner" Team

Work directly with a dedicated team of legal experts, financial advisors, and tax professionals, all committed to your case. This holistic approach ensures all your probate and estate planning needs are met efficiently.

Sell Your House During Probate

Sell Headache Houses

Inheriting a house you don’t want? We work with investors ready to buy your inherited house as-is. Leave the hassle behind – no need for renovations or dealing with contractors. Simply take what you want, and we handle the rest.

You'll Be Happy

We stand behind our services with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we offer a partial refund of fees, ensuring our commitment to your satisfaction.

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What Others Have To Say

Here is what our other clients say about working with us. 

Atlanta Georgia Probate Lawyers Testimonials - Jane K

Jane K

Buford, GA

She was proactive from day one. She stayed on top of things and was very thorough. It genuinely feels like they have your best interests at heart.

Atlanta Georgia Probate Lawyers Testimonials - Godwin M

Godwin M

Alpharetta, GA

I appreciated the patience and kindness she showed, ensuring all my concerns were addressed. I recommend her for all matters related to Trusts.

Atlanta Georgia Probate Lawyers Testimonials - Rachel S

Rachel S

Marietta, GA

[Melissa] was very sweet and professional and explained exactly what happens next. I hired her right away! Thank you so much for restoring my faith in the law system.

What Our Services Include

We handle estate plans, elder care, probate, and asset distribution.


We handle all the legal stuff when someone passes away. From sorting out who gets what to making sure everything follows the law, we’re like your expert guides through a challenging time, giving you peace of mind.

Estate Planning

We help you plan for your family’s future. From drafting wills and trusts to minimizing taxes and ensuring your wishes are followed, we give you confidence and peace of mind about what lies ahead.

Elder Law

We navigate the legal challenges that come with aging. From protecting assets to ensuring healthcare wishes are honored, we provide peace of mind and support as you or your loved ones transition through life’s stages.

3 Easy Steps For Your Georgia Probate

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Your first step is to fill out the form or call us.

2. Talk To A Lawyer

We will schedule a time for you to talk to an attorney. 

3. Let Us Handle It

We manage and handle everything for you. 

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