Flat Fee Georgia Probate Attorneys

Flat Fee Georgia Probate Attorneys

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Georiga probate attorneys rarely charge flat fees

Inexperienced lawyers don’t know how much work probate takes. 

And they can’t give you an estimation of the cost of probate

So, they resort to hourly rates for probate. 

And they tell you “We will start with a $3,000 – $5,000 retainer and go from there.”

Or “We think it will cost $5,000 to $10,000.”

Does that sound confident in their ability to handle your probate?

Interviewing Other Probate Lawyers

You should interview multiple probate lawyers in Atlanta.

Make sure you ask them:

  • why they don’t do flat fees 
  • why they can’t estimate how much effort it takes
  • if they charge you per email, paper copies, calls, etc. 

When they charge hourly, they are incentivized to: 

  • be less efficient
  • be slower
  • charge you more

Their interests are not aligned with yours.

Working With Flat Fee Probate Lawyers

We know how much effort the probate process takes. 

That’s why we charge you flat fees for probate. 

You know EXACTLY how much you’ll pay upfront. 

  • You won’t have our attorneys milk your case for money
  • You won’t get charged extra on the back end. 
  • You don’t pay $50 for every single email
  • You don’t get nickel and dimed
  • You’re not hit with unexpected requests for $3,000 retainers. 

If we mess up the estimation of effort, we eat those costs

You’re not charged for our mistakes. 

Our interests are aligned when we do flat fees because: 

  • we have to be fast and efficient
  • we lose money if we drag our feet
  • we’re not wasting your time
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Payment OptionTotal FeeMinimum FeePayment DetailsNotes
Estate-Paid5% of Estate Value$15,550The estate covers all costs, with no out-of-pocket expense for you.$1,000 due upfront.
Payment Plan3.5% of Estate Value$7,750Spread the cost over 12 monthly payments.You can reimburse yourself from the Estate.
Full Payment Upfront2% of Estate Value$5,550Pay the entire fee at the beginning of the process.You can reimburse yourself from the Estate.

How Our Flat Fees Work

Here is a breakdown of each payment option. 

  • Estate Paid: You pay $1,000 upfront. We pay ourselves out of the estate at the end of probate. You get reimbursed for your $1,000. 
  • Payment Plan: You save 30% of the cost of probate. You pay monthly payments. You get reimbursed out of the estate at the end of probate. 
  • Full Payment Upfront: You save 60% on the cost of probate. This is your cheapest option. You get reimbursed out of the estate at the end of probate.

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What The Flat Fees Include

1. Appointment and Initial Procedures:

  • Prepare and file paperwork.
  • Get renunciation documents.
  • Officially open the estate.

2. Notices and Communications:

  • Prepare and circulate statutory notices to beneficiaries.
  • Legally advertise the estate.
  • Confirm the claim period through proof of publication.

3. Estate Administration:

  • Obtain a Tax ID number for the estate.
  • Complete paperwork for unclaimed property.
  • Inventory of the safe deposit box.
  • Assist with the transfer of real estate.

4. Tax and Financial Management:

  • Prepare authorizations for financial institutions.
  • Communicate with creditors to negotiate claims.

5. Closing the Estate:

  • Prepare the legal document to close the estate informally.
  • File the necessary paperwork to close the estate officially.
  • Manage all meetings and communications.

6. Exclusions and Additional Services:

Note that the fee does not include:

  • preparation of the final personal income tax return
  • estate income tax returns beyond the first year
  • disputes with beneficiaries
  • filing an account unless there is a dispute with a beneficiary

Get Help From A Probate Lawyer

Are you overwhelmed by the Georgia probate process

Our Georgia probate attorneys handle everything for you.

We specialize in taking as much as possible off your plate so that you are not: 

  • personally financially liable
  • accidentally breaking the law
  • filling out the paperwork wrong
  • not notifying or paying off creditors
  • dealing with disputes among family

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